Pizzas and Cookies Made with 100% Organic Kamut Flour 


Hand Stretched Thin Crust $7.95 (serves 2)
12" Pizza

Pan Pizzas $14.95 (serves 3)
Grandma Style....(no sauce instead crushed Tomato and Garlic)

 Specialty Pizzas

Hot Garlic  Whole milk mozzarella, Extra Parm, Fresh Garlic, Spicy Sauce 
$9.50 (thin)  / $16.50 (pan)

White Whole milk mozzarella, Parm, Ricotta,Garlic 
$10.50 (thin) / $17.50 (pan)

BBQ Chicken  Free range chicken, Homemade Bbq sauce,Smoked mozzarella, Red Onion, Cilantro 
$11.75 (thin) / $18.75 (pan)

Pizza Toppings  

Meats $1.50 (each)
Homemade Sausage (Niman Ranch Pork)
Bacon (Niman Ranch)
Free Range Chicken

Veggies .75 (each)
Red Onion
Green Pepper
Black Olive
Kalamata Olive
Hot Cherry Pepper
Fresh Spinach
Fresh Garlic


Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies....$2

SliceTruck Pizza Menu

SliceTruck Pizzeria

I've Moved the Menu to this page.

Here's a nice pizza similar to one that you might one day own and then eat.

Not Free Delivery! 310-444-9550
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  1. slice truck is the bombdizzle

  2. how about whole wheat crust?

  3. Wherever I am, thats the place to be - Bouncing Souls. Nice. I will be eating pizza for lunch today. Assuming you take cards?

  4. We take all credit cards and also nyc subway cards.

  5. Had their Sauage pizza at the LA Pizza Festival and it was the best!!!!!

  6. Great pizza. Just had a slice and will def be going for more in the future

  7. Over all it's okay... I walked into the place on sawtelle to pick up my order
    That I placed on the phone.. I was told 30 mins walk in
    Made me wait another 30mins didn't really mind. Another I was
    Very happy to try out this pizza.. Not really happy you guys
    Are trying TO HARD! Alittle to much garlic& oregano!! tomatoes try not
    Place really big Cunchs on the pizza because you can't determin
    The topping from the tomatoes!! Last but not least alittle to much
    Oil! & please do something about the staff.. Kinda slow and not aware
    On how to make pizza! Please listen and make some changes !!!!!

    1. learn how to spell before you tell someone how to run a business, kthxbai

  8. Over all nasty! Sorry!!:(

  9. Sorry about the wait. That is not cool that it happened that way. But the grandma is covered in tomatoes and garlic and olive oil and oregano. It sounds like you got the right pizza, however the wait is uncalled for.

  10. to the comment that says, "over all nasty!". What happened? what did you have? when?

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. "overall nasty" Thank you very much for the reply. I had to delete it because the employee you mentioned is extremely embarrassed by this. The response was extremely helpful to me. Please email and we'll fix it. We've an exposed exposed kitchen so that our customers can feel perfectly comfortable with what they get. It puts pressure on us to make sure of this and that's just the way we want it.

  13. Anonymous, that description of your pizza sounds exactly like Grandma pizza's supposed to be. Can't wait to try it myself. Is Grandma pizza available by the slice?

  14. PS: No such thing as "too much garlic" on a Grandma pizza, lol!

  15. chuck da plumberJune 12, 2012 at 9:56 AM

    good pizza, pizza man but we shoulda put in a beverage bar, need to wash it down

    1. Chuck, we want to put up a fountain machine in place of the fridge behind the counter. Can you help us out?

  16. yeah, we can't because we'd have to have two restrooms in there and we don't have room.

  17. I love me some SliceTruck, but guys, for real, we need to talk about this website. You're way too amazing for such an un-amazing site.