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The Week of Jerkin' and Tiger Woods

If Tiger Woods wins the Masters this week I will officially admit that he is without question the greatest golfer of all time. This probably sounds bad but what I hope happens is that he's up 4 strokes with 3 holes to play on Sunday and he blows up; bogey, double bogey, double bogey gives away The Masters and has a major meltdown on the course on TV. Why? I think he's smug.

You say, "That's bad Karma SliceTruck". I'm like, "yeah, I didn't mean it".

Ok, good.

Aight, this weeks schedule is as follows.

Monday: USC all day
Tuesday: USC all day
Wednesday: USC all day
Thursday: Best Cupcakes in L.A. maybe. Frosted Cupcakery 1200 N. Highland Avenue for lunch 11:30-2:30pm then USC for rest of the night.
Friday: USC
Saturday: Showdown LA. Doin' a "Jerkin'" event at the LA Convention center from 8pm to 4am. Yep, its exactly what you think it is. A Jerkin' battle. A little Jerkin and eating pizza. The newest dance craze. This is actually the biggest Jerkin' battle ever. What's your biggest Jerkin' battle ever? More info in video below.

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