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We Deliver within 3 miles of 1523 S. Bundy Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90025

If you live further than 3 miles or our delivery service is too slow you can use postmates and they can handle it.

Saw that movie Drive

Enjoyed the music and thought you might too. Oh yeah, if you want to pay us to serve pizza at your party email us info@slicetruck.com.


  1. What's the ETA on the Sawtelle storefront? Can't wait until you guys and Plan Check open up - a quality whiskey/beer bar and LA's best pizza within walking distance of my aptmt. . .

  2. March 10th maybe. Can't wait, glad you're anticipating it.

    Where's plan check gonna be?

  3. Just up the street from you guys, on Sawtelle and Nebraska. I think they open later this month.