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We Deliver within 3 miles of 1523 S. Bundy Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90025

If you live further than 3 miles or our delivery service is too slow you can use postmates and they can handle it.
Now Open! 

New location is 1523 S. Bundy Drive Los Angeles 90025
Next to the 7-11 on the corner of Bundy and Ohio
Closed Monday
4-10pm Tues-Friday
noon-10pm Sat and Sunday


  1. Can't wait for the reopening!!!! I miss my favorite pizza!

  2. Me too!! I'll miss walking down to your Sawtelle location. But I'm sure Sawtelle is hard when you have a zillion people coming for noodles. Enough noodles already! Gimmie the hot garlic.

  3. excited about new location! Wish you had gluten free pizza~

    1. if you do not have celiac's but are sensitive to gluten I would suggest trying our pizza. We make our dough with 100% Kamut Khorshan wheat. Here's some info regarding gluten sensitivities and this wheat:

      Our research focus is based on one ancient teaching and two modern observations:
      The teaching: Twenty-three hundred years ago among the many teachings of Hippocrates was the idea, loosely translated: “Medicine should be our food and food should be our medicine.” We are starting with this idea and applying it to two modern observations.

      The 1st observation: An ever increasing number of people can no longer enjoy eating modern wheat as a staple in their diets because of some type of sensitivity or malady caused by consuming wheat.

      The 2nd observation: Over the past 25 years many KAMUT® brand khorasan grain customers have told us countless encouraging anecdotal stories. The problems they experienced after eating modern wheat simply did not occur when they ate KAMUT® khorasan ancient wheat products. These reports continue to increase as the number and availability of KAMUT® khorasan products on the market continues to grow.

      Many clinical observations, especially by naturopathic doctors, and at least one clinical double blind study in 1991, have added to these consumer testimonials. This clinical study was conducted over a six month period by the International Food Allergy Association under the direction of its president, Dr. Eileen Yoder, PhD. Her results documented that in her tests of 100 people suffering from significant wheat sensitivities; nearly 70% showed a lower test score for KAMUT® brand khorasan wheat than they did for modern wheat. A subset of 10 out of the 100 who had significant problems eating modern wheat were then challenged with a diet of KAMUT® khorasan products. Again seven out of the 10 had either no reactions or a very mild reaction. The results of these studies led the author to conclude, “KAMUT® khorasan products can be an excellent substitution for common (modern) wheat if eaten on a rotational basis.” This report substantiated the anecdotal reports we had been hearing for years. Unfortunately Dr. Yoder was seriously injured in a car accident shortly after finishing her report which prevented her from preparing a manuscript for publication.