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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Free Slices today for Lane Kiffin

Dear Lane Kiffin,

The SliceTruck will be at USC later today and would like to invite you by for a couple slices of pizza and a drink on the house. Having served the USC campus the finest pizza in all of Los Angeles for some time now we think it only makes sense for us to stand around the truck and eat some pizza while you hear us out on some of our coaching ideas.

Here's a taste of some of the advice we're prepared to give you today;

Coin a phrase like (but not exactly the same as), "clear eyes full hearts" as you head out to the field. This is a phrase coach Taylor uses on the show Friday Night Lights (a documentary behind the scenes look where they stop being polite and start being real of a big time Texas high school football team the Dillon Panthers). He's a great coach and you could learn a few things from him, he won a championship his first year so he has a ring to back it up.

Here's one more idea to wet your appetite for more of our advice. Let's say that everyone on the team has fouled out except for your last 12 players but one of them keeps refusing to follow your instructions and has been putting up a bunch of 3 point field goals when you asked the he wouldn't: that's the guy whose on the bench in this situation. Now when another player fouls out leaving you with 10 players on the field and the ref says to you, "coach you need another player", to prove you're in charge you should respond, "My team's on the floor!" and finish the game out one man short. This will teach lessons and build character that these kids can keep well into their forty's and fifty's, long after their playing days are over.

Ok, hope to see you later. Give us a call or whatever and we'll give you our location on campus.



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