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Friday, February 19, 2010


Took a little trip to Crazyland and searched SliceTruck on google this morning. Found a few reviews that gave me hurt feelings. Here they are:

-The cheese had congealed into one large piece that slid around the sauce like it was ice. The sauce was nothing special. The crust was bland, pale, stiff, and wimpy all the way through, like a breadstick that's sat out for a half hour, with no crunch anywhere.


-Frozen pizza quality. Dense, flat. Crispy and thin, yes-- but cardboardy.

-I haven't had a chance to try the SliceTruck

-Hello, Domino's? I'd like to order a pizza.

-Though it wasn't terrible, it wasn't memorable either.

-taste just like n e other pizza place...greasy and not of quality

-Not enough to mark them as bad, but merely being average means it's hard to justify going back.

-The pizza was bland at best on every level. Subpar everywhere.

-Crust was pretty much without taste or flavor. I would even say it might be made from frozen dough since it was almost tooth breaking hard around the edges.

Granted we have way more good reviews than bad, my feelings were hurt. But then I took a look at the reviews of two of my favorite pizza places in New York (who we're borrowing/stealing ideas from) and my feelings were no longer hurt. SliceTruck has great pizza but these two places blow us away (for now), I've sorted their reviews from worst to best just for effect.

Grimaldi's Reviews
-I wanted to love this place, but I've had better at Pizza Hut.

Di Fara's Reviews
-a pizza with the consistency of wet cardboard

Even at the worst hour of a bad day I know these two places are going to give you great pizza. I now feel fine. If you've got a review for SliceTruck please post it here.