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Saturday, February 27, 2010


Respek is important, but the sad thing is, there is so little respek left in the world that if you look it up in the dictionary... you'll find, its been taken out.

Showed up at the Sliver Lake Flea Market with the truck this morning and found out it was cancelled due to rain. Had no interest in making lemonade so returned the truck and took the day off. We'll be back at 10am tomorrow Sunday, February 27th 2010. The location is; Micheltorena Street Elementary School (1511 Micheltorena St. The cross street is Sunset Los Angeles, CA 90026).

We are expecting a massive turnout because, as it has been explained to us, a lot of pizza is consumed in Silver Lake and Echo Park. The question is, Should we put this area into our regular rotation? Try us out and let us know; Should spend zero, one or two nights a week in Siver Lake?


  1. zero nights a week in silverlake. 7 nights a week at USC :)

  2. nah. spend a night or two. i've been taking up your pizza to my silverlake-resident girlfriend.