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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week of the L.A. Marathon Schedule

Bought some G-scout cookies, not sure if its me but they don't seem the same as they used to be. Bought the classics, the Carmel Delights, Thin Mints and Peanut Butter sandwich. Somethings off. Do you think they changed? Calm down, I'll keep buying them but I'm partial to the Brownies organization and or the Indian Princesses.

Anyway here's the pizza schedule for the week. USC is on spring break so we're free to test some new spots this week. This is the schedule so far and we're open to adding to it, so if you have suggestions for places you'd like to see us please say so.

Monday 3/15: lunch 11-3pm Century City on Constellation (never been here before and don't have a reserved parking space, if you reserve a spot for us call us and we'll give you a free pizza) 310-944-2474

Tuesday 3/16: lunch 11-3pm Pennsylvania and Stewart in Santa Monica

Wednesday 3/17: lunch 11-3pm L.A. Mart

Thursday 3/18: Dinner 6pm-2am Bar One 12518 Burbank Blvd, 91607 Burbank Blvd and Whitsett ave

Friday 3/19: nothing set, invite us somewhere

Saturday 3/20: Resting up for the L.A. Marathon Sunday

Sunday 3/21: 7am-2pm L.A. Marathon Finish line at the Santa Monica Pier. Big deal cause if you read our blog you'd know that we're marathon freaks. All hands on deck and we'll be selling our new tee shirts.

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  1. on friday, come to koreatown.....Wilshire Blvd between Western and harvard...there are a bunch of other trucks around there...a taco truck, jamaican jerk chicken, a korean taco guys will fit right now.