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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sigma Chi Derby Days USC

We get the question all the time, "SliceTruck, What about the kids?" and I say, "What about the kids hospitals?".

Sigma Chi USC Derby Days, that's what's about the kids. This is a charity event for the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles

Visit their site and buy a ticket, we're going to be there raising money for the kids too with at least 25% of all sales going to the hospital.

Here's who's playing:
Hyper Crush and Shiny Toy Guns

More Info:
•Friday April 23rd, 2010
•Entrance gate is located in the side parking lot of the Sigma Chi Fraternity (907 W. 28th Street, Los Angeles CA)
•Doors open at 7 PM
•Concert will end at 11:30 PM
•Everyone is subject to search upon entry
•All ages are welcome
•Available food/beverage and other items will be sold for CASH only
•Tickets will SELL OUT!! Buy Now

This weeks schedule is as follows.

Tuesday: off
Wednesday: UCLA Lunch court of Sciences, USC 4pm-12am or so
Thursday: USC 4pm-12am
Friday: Derby Days Party Sigma Chi house on 28th street. 5pm-12am.
Saturday: Who knows?
Sunday: REI Manhattan Beach 11-5pm

Need more convincing? Here's Hyper Crush's "Robo Tech"

Convinced now? I'm not sure if they're serious either but I think they're freakin funny as hell and they've got me puttin my hood over my head. Ok, you caught me in a lie, I'm quite sure they're not serious.

Here's a little more for you. I think you might be a little more familiar with this one.

Shiny Toy Guns - Major Tom (coming home)

That's a nice song right there. Earth below us drifting falling.. Try and karaoke it next time and I'll be all Hyper Crush all the time.

Both look great, I'm buying this being more than worth your worthless time.

I'm not stopping the post here as I've been doing more research on the Hyper Crush and they're killing me.

Hyper Crush Mix Tape for sale

and do yourself a favor and look over their blog.

I'm inspired. Keep an eye out for our new group ULTRA SLAM

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