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Friday, April 16, 2010

Yelp Review Reviewed (Michael)

Dear Michael,

We've noticed your review of SliceTruck and felt your review deserved to be reviewed.


-Great way to start a paragraph, I applaud you.

"Hands Down the best pizza"

-"Hands Down" is our favorite superlative.

"glass bottle Crush"

-Important to note. I've got my spine, I've got my Orange Crush.

"none of that Pizza Hut crap"

-Wait one second here. You do know you can get any size pizza with any topping at Pizza Hut for only $10.

"The sauce is pleasantly rich and a bit tangy"

-All sarcasm aside, this is exactly what we were going for and I'm thrilled you actually get it.

"they have "t-shirt roulette""

-Very nice, as it should be mentioned

SliceTruck's review of your review.

Initially I thought, "a review on the interenet"? Meh. How could this possibly be good? But then I read it and I was like nom nom. If you're used to reviews off a newspaper you may not be ready for this but I'd say it was damn good and I plan to try other reviews off the internet.

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