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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lane Kiffin

We want to come by and give some pizza to your football squad gratis, meaning "on the house" or "free". Did you get the picture yet? I'm painting you a portrait.

We're the best in L.A. and happen to be at USC so like Tom Petty said, "you got lucky". But they say you make your own luck so I guess you deserve it. Consider this, if you want to be the best you need to be around the best and that's us. The best, or simply the best, or better than the rest.

We come by after practice with the best truck and we serve up the best pizza for a couple the best hours of your life. Free and simple.

"Clear eyes, full heart..... Can't lose"

LK, this is a 100% serious offer, we'll swing right by and its done. We've set up a special email and phone number for you to contact us:

phone: 310-944-2474

Whatever's best.

Now if you can't or don't want to set this up for the entire team, we still have a free slice for you.

And because we're the best we only give...

The Best Regards,


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