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Friday, July 30, 2010

Pizza Truck

Today, to add to our greatness, we acquired the domain name

Don't believe us? Click on it and bear witness to the proof.

Here are the things we own:

-The lifetime title of best pizza in L.A.

-A Pizza Truck

-An original pair of Air Jordan V's

We're going to turn this site into a video game where you drive SliceTruck around and sell pizza. Kind of like what I imagine its like to play Farmville.


  1. LOL, "...what I IMAGINE playing farmville is like"

    Riiiiight.... Did you upgrade to the new improved harvester yet??

  2. Last game I played was Tecmo Super Bowl on the Nintendo. If I could play it on facebook and all my friends would get updates about what happened while I played, I would.

    Pizza Truck will be similar to the old old game Paperboy and it will be great.