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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Breakfast Table

Why you clicking your mouse so much?

Why search Google when you're really looking for an article on Wikipedia or a video on YouTube? Why search Google for job postings when you know that Indeed makes it their business to catalog and index all the jobs out there? Why buy anything online before checking the price on Amazon and eBay first? Is it because you like to click your mouse a lot and not know anything? These are rhetorical questions. I'm encouraging you to think about the obvious answer. Have you had enough time to think about the obvious answer? This is not a rhetorical question. The obvious answer is because you didn't have, and because you're trapped in bad, time wasting, extra mouse clicking internet habits. Wake up and start to stop clicking your mouse so much by setting your homepage to

Seriously please do this for me. Set your homepage to It's a pleasant and convenient homepage.

Ok, I can tell you're not taking me as seriously as I'd like. If enough people start using on a daily basis SliceTruck will give free pizza away everyday forever.

I know people like to be a part of something big and this is your opportunity. Here are the steps.

1. Go to

2. Set as your homepage. If you're on Firefox or Chrome you will need to click settings and options. On explorer just click the link that says to set as homepage.

3. Go to your Facebook account and post this as your status: I just set as my homepage and I think you should too.

4. Repeat steps one through three but swap Facebook with email, twitter, linkedin, yahoo personals, etc. etc.

5. Watch this video:

Here are some examples:

If you really want to support SliceTruck please set as your homepage. Wouldn't it be fun to make us rich and successful? Seriously if you do that for us we'll give away free pizza 6 days a week forever. Even if it gets just a little successful we'll start giving out free pizza one day a week all day.

Point is that by doing something that is great for you (setting your homepage to, you can give a lot of people a free slice of pizza.

What is mildly successful? I'd guess that it would be getting 20,000 American people to use Breakfast Table on a daily basis. If this were to happen we'd give out approximately 10,000 free slices of pizza per month. Every Monday from 11am-12am we'll give pizza away as fast as possible in a different part of LA.

As it grows from there we'll add Tuesday, Wed, New York, Chicago, so on and so on.

Breakfast Table could be the Robin Hood of the internet, turning search engine traffic into free pizza from SliceTruck.

You know why else this would be fun? Because it would be funny. Funny interesting if it actually worked.

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  1. "....turning search engine traffic into free pizza from SliceTruck."
    this is truly revolutionary...dreams of 'om nom nom-heaven'