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Monday, February 28, 2011

Circus Tickets

SliceTruck is selling Charlie Sheen, just ask for Circus Tickets when you're at the window and we'll slip you a dose free when you buy two slices.

If you enjoy being entertained these interviews are worth a view without doubt. What's hilarious to me is how lame the show 2 and a half men is but if they make more episodes in the future I'll set my DVR to start recording the show.

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Wondering at all about the goddesses?

Charlie Sheen, we agree that you're a winner and we want to keep the winning streak going, we've got a free pizza waiting for you. Sincerely and with most respect.

Cory Feldman, if you're reading this we want you to call Chuck Lorre and ask for Charlie Sheen's job. Tell him to try just putting you in place of Charlie and keep everything else the same.

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