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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thank you Jason Terry and the Mavs

Whew! Even though next season I'll be back to being a Bulls fan, right now the Dallas Mavericks are my new favorite team and I hope they repeat. I've spent the last few years fruitlessly rooting against Kobe in hopes of preventing him from getting more championships than Shaq but I now see why I was made to suffer as there was a greater need for my negative rooting in the future and it all came together tonight when the Heat lost the finals.

Dirk, you're great player and deserved the MVP, just enjoyed Terry's game tonight so I put him in the headline. No disrespect intended.

Anyway, if you're a member of the Dallas Mavericks you're entitled to free slices at SliceTruck for the remainder of the off-season. This includes Mark Cuban and the coaching staff. I may need ID from some of the coaching staff as I probably would only be able to recognize Jim Carey.

Thanks again Dallas Mavericks.

Easy picture to mock but I like it. It was a long road for them and it didn't come easy.

This is JJ Barea's wife (Miss Universe). I'd like to comment on the fact that they didn't seem to ever mention this during the Finals considering how often they would mention Eva Longoria when the Spurs would play. Odd to me. Anyway, she also gets free pizza.

Van Gunddow

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