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Monday, July 18, 2011

New Logo?

This logo was submitted by one of our patrons, Grimsby.

What are your thoughts? What is your interpretation of this? Should we change it up and go with this? Its been explained by Grimsby but I'd like to see if you can see what's hidden in this.

Thanks for the email and the logo Grimsby. We like to think of our logo as the entire truck we use on our tee shirts. Would the umlaut change the pronunciation? Anyway, I like it and will keep this in the hopper to use one day, one way some how.


  1. There's a slice of pie in your "K". Makes me hungry.

  2. Unless there is a hidden meaning in the umlaut, I find it pretentious. I do see a triangular shape which I imagine represents a slice of pizza. However, I like the logo you are using now.

  3. I agree. I see the slice in the K, maybe even a face in the umlaut, but overall I'm not digging it. It's a little too hard to see it. And I lump faux-phonetic transcriptions in with fake dictionary entries as lazy meaningless advertising.

    The color and the font is good, though. What I love most about your name is how simple it is - it's a slice truck, 'nuff said. Fancying it up just seems to take away from that.

  4. Grimsby said the umlaut represents the headlights of the truck. and the k is a slice of pizza.

    I'm not ready to change our current look, but I still enjoy the work and might have a space for it somewhere someday on a tee shirt or something.