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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Words you can spell with a calculator, upside down with a calculator.

Memorize this and you would be the coolest kid in which grade?

but now that i've posted this list of words off the internet that I didn't closely inspect I'm wondering how you can put a zero to start a string of words? What makes a U? or how to differentiate between an L and an I. D and O next to each other don't look like anything. So what are the words that really look right when you spell them with a calculator?

The most memorable one to me was old number thirty five thousand seven, but after researching the internet it seems that for most people the most memorable number is twenty eight thousand eight with twenty two million three hundred seventy eight thousand eight being the most used punchline.

Like I've already realized, this list ain't great. Can you help with a better list?

He She Is
Leo Hello Less
Bob Sell Oil
Shell Boss Sob
Bose So See
Soil Sill Oh
Boil Bio Hobo
Hole Ill Loss
Lee Lee's Lose
Go Bib Shoe
Less Sheesh Ohio
Loose Oliebol Hog
Egg Biggle Bee
Obesehog Bibo Goggles
Goolies Biggles Leslie
Egg His Hooble
Bible Hi Ellie
Die Lolies Shell.oil
Goose Geese Gobble(s)
Hollies Giggle Giggle(s)
Boise Bobsleigh Elvis.Dies
I.Love.U Ellie Bob.Dole
Beegees Billie Shoe
Boohoo Debbie Leo.Ellis
Sogliole Soles Heidi
Bise (Kiss) Bebe (Baby) Soleil (Sun)
Belle Helene Boobless
Asshole Boobies Bigboobs
Go.2.Hell Boobs Dillhole
Boob Lesbo Lesses

I've also noticed that calculators are nice because compared to a cell phone they weigh very little.

OH, and what about stuff like 8, (ate) and that stuff?.. when spelling with a calculator?


  1. show the numbers on how to do this

    1. Nigga the word you want suppose boobies, all you do is you follow the fuckin word bank. Since you probably dont know it here it is: 0 = o | 1 = i | 2 = z | 3 = e | 4 = h | 5 = s | 6 = g | 7 = L | 8 = B | 9 = g. Since boobies is
      8 0 0 8 1 3 5, on the calculator you type in the word backwords...... just lettin ya know. So you type in 5318008 on your calculator, turn it upside down, look at it, and it says boobies. Thanks and i hope i did not just waste fucking 10 minutes of my life typing this to an idiot that doesn't know how to write words on the calculator. : )

    2. Hey Ryle Burr, I say burr, you're cold as ice with those nasty words!