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Monday, November 28, 2011

Difara Pizza

I went to New York a few weeks ago (more like several weeks ago, october some time.) and finally ate some Difara pizza. I stopped in once when I lived in New York but after waiting 3 hours I had to leave and get something to eat.

The place is kind of a big deal if you've never heard about it. In my mind its the most famous pizza place in the world. Its possible I'm suffering from Stockholm syndrome after waiting the 3 hours the one day. I'm not really in the mood to tell you all about it but if you click the link it will take you to a search result for it, watch some videos, read the yelps and stuff and you'll see what I'm talking about. Do you always sort Yelps from worst to best to read them? That's what I like to do.

Anyway, wanted to share some pictures. Also my review is that Difara makes really good pizza. I had a cheese slice, a square slice and ordered a sausage, pepper and onion pie to go. I imagine it to be a throwback of sorts when pizza in Brooklyn was truly special. I don't know when this was as I'm not from that time but considering everyone puts Brooklyn or New York in the name of their pizza place, there must have been a time when a higher percentage of pizza by the slice pizza places in New York were actually worth ordering a whole pizza from. I'd like to travel in time and take a Brooklyn pizza tour in 1957 to know what that's all about. Problem is if you ask someone that was around then they probably don't know how to respond to your email cause they weren't taught email in school and I don't read cursive. Another problem is that if I could go back in time a pizza tour would be way down on my list of things to do (would I only be allowed to go back in time? or could I actually time travel? the to do list changes depending on which it is). If you pull a list of the top 20 rated pizza places in the five boroughs I'd bet you can order a slice from less than 25% of them.

I enjoy a Neapolitan style pizza but they are all pretty much the same to me, either they're good or bad. I actually find it more difficult to find, and get more enjoyment out of, a standard pizza that's made well with high quality ingredients (standard pizza: I'm not sure how to explain, a normal pizza you'd have delivered or take out and would share with a few people. you shouldn't do this with a neapolitan). I'd say a pizza cooked on a conveyor oven would never qualify as made well and could safely assume if a place is enjoying the convenience and speed of a conveyor oven they've also decided to enjoy the convenience and speed and inexpensiveness of pre-made sauce and probably enjoy the inexpensiveness of a lower grade cheese. {These are my stereotypes of pizza places with a conveyor oven. the stereotypes I create are usually true and they exist for a reason (that's why they're stereotypes. Stereotyping can be harmful and dangerous but I'm very careful when I do it. Generally I only follow stereotypes that have been around for at least 10 years. Generally if a stereotype can last 10 years it must be true. Stereotypically that's what I find. However stereotypes are just that, stereotypes. Can stereotypes be cliches? After conducting some research in my head for 3 seconds it appears that most stereotypes are also cliches.}. Conveyor ovens can't sear the bottom of a pizza, they would be good to reheat a properly made pizza I'd guess.

I'm not even sure what I'm writing about, I'm just saying I like this place Difara. I really just planned to post some pictures here they are.

my difara pizza

same pizza

the same pizza again

same pizza, sausage peppers onions

side view

bottom of difara pizza. its burnt and good. people would lose their mind if we did this to a pizza and gave it to them in LA. Many people lose their mind in ny about this too. I like a little char to a pizza though. I will admit that he might take this burning business a bit too far.

me in difara. I'm dave, chris is my brother. he's generally the one on the truck. I have an old phone  with an old camera and used if for this picture. I'd like to come back with Chris and get an official picture with Dom. That's Dom making my pizza. He's the reason this place is so famous. Sarge is in my backpack. I took the N train but it was running express and I had to switch to the Q. I just got a new phone. Samsung infuse? Quite a large piece of equipment to carry around I might exchange it before 30 days. It has a nice camera.

This is a pizza from Phil's pizza in new york on Varick. It has a real old fashioned look on the inside and it appeared Phil made the pizza. Basic ny pizza. Not too great but better than your totally common slice place in manhattan but about the same at the same time. allow myself to introduce myself.

Sarge in New York on a different day. I believe he may be an Affenpinscher.  He enjoyed the difara pizza. He's a good boy.


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  2. My favorite pizza place. Even better than L&B Spumoni Gardens in my opinion.