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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vegan Pizza in L.A. (what? where?)

Just a heads up to any vegans. If you order our pizza without cheese (or meat obviously) you will then have a vegan pizza. This is a fact and I promise its true. Just order a pizza with no cheese and load up the toppings and you'll be in great shape at Slicetruck. I'm perfectly aware of what is and is not vegan and I do promise if you leave meat and cheese off your pizza at our shop you will then have a vegan pizza.

I eat them from time to time myself just to cool down my calorie intake and I'd have to say they are delicious.


  1. You should buy some Diaya (spelling?) vegan cheese.. It is amazing and melts very well. Trust me, try it out and you'll have an amazing vegan cheese pizza. I make awesome quesedillas

  2. I second that request. I order for our office and usually bring in my own pizza from Lucifer's since vegans like cheese, too. :)