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Thursday, December 20, 2012

End of Year Christmas Thoughts

First off we're going to be closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We will have normal hours other than that.

Its a time of Sharing and instead of sending everyone gifts I'd like to share some thoughts. Some might see this as a last minute half baked attempt at a Christmas card but I think of it more as the greatest gift you'll probably ever receive.

Hanley's Christmas Thoughts 2012:

  • Are we supposed to be most thankful at Thanksgiving? Christmas or New Years Eve?
    • I kind of feel most Thankful now and historically have felt more thankful around Christmas, but I will give credit to Thanksgiving for getting me warmed up.
      • Maybe you just look back more at the end of the year, but you really have to look back to be thankful. You should be thankful for a reason right? Not as a state of mind, like being positive?
  • Would recommending starting a food business to someone as a practical joke be crossing the line?
    • Jokes are supposed to be funny for everyone.
  • Is it possible to say anything positive about your kid to someone else who has children without it becoming a silent unspoken battle of whose kids are greater.
    • Just wondering. I've got a kid due any moment and I don't want to be the annoying bragger that I can see happening.
      • Really anytime anyone has ever said anything about their kid to me throughout my life I've always thought I'm sure my unborn un-conceived child is better but I'm the bigger person here and will let this person have the glory of this moment.
  • Turns out people prefer to pay a little and get a lot. Quantity over quality is THE American way.
    • Its not the magazine you get while riding on American Airlines. I refer to that as The American Way Magazine. One is good and one is bad.
    • The million dollar idea is to make people think they are getting more and better quality stuff for  a lower price than the dumb ass down the block who won't stop bragging about their kid.
  •  Turns out you need twice as much money than you thought.
    • I mean three times as much.
  • There is a great disparity between New York Pizza and L.A. Pizza? There is a exponentially greater disparity between Holiday time in New York City and Holiday time in L.A.
    • not much can be done about this
  • Did you hear that NPR story about if Wal-Mart paid $17 an hour America would be like the greatest place to be in the history of the world?
    • I don't know what it is but there's something to this. Maybe if Walmart share holders donated their shares to something that makes this happen?
      • I'd like to have a stat. What percentage of Wal-Mart's ($10 and under workers) payroll gets spent at Wal-Mart?
  • I think I'm going to sell the pizza truck and keep the shop. Its hard to do both. They're a different type of focus.
    • It would be easier if we could park the truck behind the shop but that's against the rules.
  • I'm a Merry Christmas guy. Not in the Bill O'Reilly way where its a Merry Christmas you godless scum but its in the sharing spirit. Me saying Merry Christmas says I'd like to share with you that during these Happy Holidays my current focus is on Christmas and on the 27th it will be have a great New Year and on the 1st to the 10th it will be Happy New Year. or Happy New Year's? I don't know but it is weird when you get the Happy New Year greeting in February. Its just too late and its a bit sick like you're really caught in the past or you picked up some disorder saying happy new year to people and you just can't stop.
    • Where I was going was that if you say to me Happy Kwanzaa and you don't seriously celebrate Kwanzaa then your either making fun of me or people who celebrate Kwanzaa and its not cool. Jokes should be funny.
      • Merry Christmas!
        • If your feeling bad that I got you such a nice gift and you don't know what to get me.
          • Keep buying pizza from us as that will be the gift that gives back.
            • and if you could actually, double the volume of pizza you order from us that would help us out. OK. 
              • OK, Old Kinderhook
                • Did you see Silver Linings Playbook?
                  • GREAT MOVIE, you've got to go see that.

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