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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Shocking Truth About Slicetruck Pizza

  • We make our own dough, sauce, sausage, salad dressing and cookies.
  • Sausage goes on the pizzas raw and is cooked with the rest of the pizza.
  • If you create an account online and order online, THEN you get $10 back for every $100 you spend. AND since our prices include tax you're actually getting a bonus on taxes that you paid. This is UNHEARD of.
  • The plastic piece under your pizza inside the box prevents the crust from getting soggy
  • We buy bricks of mozzarella cheese and shred it on site.
  • We only have one type of oil in the shop, extra virgin olive oil.
  • We're very unsure about our name. We started as a truck and its hard to find a meaningful original name for a pizza shop.
  • Writing twitter posts is very hard.
  • A few people were offended by the nicknames they got on the last mailing. 
  • We have a hotbox truck that can deliver 100 pizzas over 100 miles while keeping the pizzas piping hot.
  • Tax is included in all of our prices.
  • You can always email us at if you have any issues
  • 95% of our customers order take out or delivery. 
  • Two brothers own Slicetruck
  • Slicetruck has never advertised itself as New York style pizza. 
  • Owning a pizza shop isn't as glamorous as it seems.
  • This picture is a pizza with various half toppings. We don't totally agree with half toppings. The pizza will cook a bit unevenly in many cases.

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