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Saturday, October 19, 2013

You deserve the best

Pre-Ferment. It's a good thing!

pre-ferment is a fermentation starter used in bread making, and is referred to as an indirect] method. It may also be called mother dough.
A pre-ferment and a longer fermentation in the bread-making process have several benefits: there is more time for yeast, enzyme and, if sourdough, bacterial actions on the starch and proteins in the dough; this in turn improves the keeping time of the baked bread, and it creates greater complexities of flavor. Though pre-ferments have declined in popularity as direct additions of yeast in bread recipes have streamlined the process on a commercial level, pre-ferments of various forms are widely used in artisanal bread recipes and formulas. Copied straight from Wikipedia.

Our dough is something special. Unlike many pizzerias around town we actually make our dough. We use 100% Khorasan wheat (only pizzeria doing the country!). A Biga is made the night before. We add this to the dough recipe in place of yeast. When done we allow the dough to age for three days in the fridge before letting it rise and using it. This recipe has taken well over a year to create. And we continually strive to make it better. 

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