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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Real Pizza

A good pizza is hard to come by. Fact is many places haven't a clue to what they are doing. You can pretty much assume 70% of pizza shops don't actually "make" pizza. Here are some easy ways to spot impostors.

The Oven: This is the easiest way to tell if a place is legit or not. If they use a conveyor oven you know they're only one step above 7-11 pizza. Look for a deck oven. I'm talking classic pizza here. The kind you get delivered and have pizza parties with. We use a Bakers Pride Y-802.

A real beauty
Dough: It's sad but true that a lot of places use frozen dough. Yes it's easy but it's like a burger place using frozen patties. It's just unacceptable if you are going to consider yourself a true Pizzeria. Ask a few questions if you're not sure. Like what type of flour they use or if they use dry yeast or fresh yeast. I'd bet most people couldn't give you an answer because it doesn't say on the box of frozen dough balls.

Dough making area. Not a plant in Vernon
Finally, just look at the pizza. Since you have already eaten a Slicetruck pizza you know what a real pie should look like. A little char on the crust, some browned cheese. Thick cut pepperoni, maybe some fresh crimini mushrooms or real pineapple. Sausage made in house daily using Niman ranch pork. You're a smart person, right? I don't need to tell you why my pizza costs more or why comparing me to one of those other places is absurd. You get it.

Hot Garlic Half Sausage Half Pepperoni
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Small Rant

Girl Scout Cookies are terrible. What the hell happened?

Order an 18" or Grandma pizza and mention Girl Scout in the note section and get two real homemade chocolate chip cookies Free!  Only good 3/14-3/15/2014

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