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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The week of the SliceTruck T-Shirt

Look what a SliceTruck T-Shirt does for you, it makes you look amazing. On top of the shirt, this girl is doing everything right, riding the cruiser over for a whole pie... Some people just know how to live a great life and look good doing it.

We've got them for sale, $15 but if you mention that you saw this posting you can get one for $10. They're American Apparel, and you'll love it for the rest of your life, buy 3. And not to mention the respect you'll get from the SliceTruck when you order with your Tee on. A lot of respect.

This weeks schedule is as follows:

Tuesday: USC all day 11am-11pm

Wednesday: UCLA court of Sciences until 3pm USC 4pm-11pm

Thursday: LA MART 1933 s broadway 11:30am-3pm USC 4pm-11pm

Friday: LUNCH TBA USC 4pm-11pm

Saturday: The Beach 11am-7pm

Sunday: The Beach 11am-7pm

Call us anytime 310-944-2474

Go State!

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