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Friday, April 2, 2010

Irish Tacos

Hey, I'm Hanley, welcome to SliceTruck, welcome to Hanleytownmerica, other people want to make friends, I just want to help you make money, because my job is not just to entertain and feed you pizza, but to inspire and help you put into action your questionable food truck ideas.

Tons of people come up to our truck and ask about and talk about it so we figured we'd help out. If you don't think this market is overbought, here are some ideas we've put together for anyone who's planning on starting a food truck of their own.

Are you ready, skee-daddy?

The Thanksgiving Dinner Truck:

Pretty obvious right? Serve Thanksgiving dinner everyday off a truck. This would probably be easier than pizza.Roast a few Turkey's, whip some potatos etc, add some pies in the mix (pumpkin, pecan) trademark the "leftover sandwich" and you're in business. Definitely do a 'mon-back on this one, and load up.

The Irish Taco Truck:

Maybe not as obvious as Thanksgiving dinner, but possibly even more obvious. Being Irish we sometimes like to put a real plain spin on food, and people here in L.A. seem to love fusion tacos. Here's how you make Irish tacos; ground beef browned with salt and pepper, Ortega hard shells, shredded cheddar cheese, shredded iceberg lettuce, ketchup mixed with tabasco. Assembly directions: shell, meat, cheese, ketcup mix, lettuce. Simple, easy to do on a truck. Starting this truck would definitely be a "house of pleasure".

The Sports Bar Truck:

This truck would have TV's all over it with sports playing. Serve hot wings, blue cheese celery, a burger, some other deep fried nonsense and you're set. Seems super obvious, few problems with this one though. Can't serve beer off a truck (I wonder if you can serve non alcoholic beer?) and sports bars have terrible food usually. But I think there are people who love food at sports bars who also love seeing "plasma" tv's everywhere. Also, this one would get a lot of private party booking where they bring the beer. Ka-ching Ka-ching Ka-ching Boo-Yah!


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