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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oil Cleanup Business?

There may be an obvious answer as to why this is stupid and we should stick to selling pizza, but if a barrel of oil is worth $70 and there's tons of oil sitting in the water in the gulf of Mexico then why can't people just go out and scoop it up and get their $70 a barrel?

Pictured above is a barrel of oil which holds 42 gallons. This is not much larger than your average 30 gallon kitchen trash can.

If you spent a day at it with a decent boat I bet you could grab 10 barrels. $700 dollars seems like a good day to me. If you had a great boat and a handful of people, why not 100 barrels and a $7,000 day? Definitely looks profitable, what did these guys make fishing?

If you had thousands or tens of thousands of people doing this in an effort to make a profit wouldn't that help clean this up?

I picture using some sort of cheesecloth contraption to scoop this stuff out of the water and dump it into a container on the boat. BP would set up places to trade this stuff in at all the marinas and it would be like homeless people trading in cans for money but these people would be getting a lot more money.

Look how easily this guy grabs this little bit of oil. If he did this all day (8 hours) by hand with that boat I bet he could grab at least 2 barrels worth. If he had some great net or whatever works, I'm saying easily 10 barrels.

Oh yeah, eat pizza from SliceTruck. This oil spill thing sucks, is it the beginning of the end for all of us? 2012? Is BP's stock price going to zero? I hope so.

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