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Thursday, August 26, 2010

No Overhead

These things need to end:

Being told we operate with no overhead since its a truck.

-We always try and tell our employees along with our food distributors and suppliers, the truck finance company, Farmers Insurance, the L.A. health department, the gas stations and the state of California tax department that we sell pizza from a truck and therefore we operate with no overhead and this is the reason they can't get paid from us.

Dipping pizza in ranch dressing.

-Just don't eat pizza from terrible places. I love pizza but if I moved to a city/town with only bad pizza (which is a lot of places in the USA) and was not comfortable making great pizza at home, I would not order pizza ever. I'd just stop eating it. I wouldn't start pouring ranch dressing all over it to make up for something.

The saying, "bad pizza is like bad sex, its still pretty good"

-If God told me that every time I had pizza or sex for the rest of my life it was going to be bad, then based on past experiences, I'm quite sure that sooner than later I wouldn't be having either.

True Blood on HBO

-What is this shit?

Entourage on HBO

-This is shit.

Acting/Pretending like circumcision is exclusively a Jewish thing.

-Turns out everyone is Jewish. Or just men and their families.

Daylight savings time

-The part where it gets dark early and then we make it get dark even earlier by moving our clocks back an hour.

What else? War, hunger, poverty, the spread of AIDS? Sure, once we take care of the stuff already on the list.


  1. Totally agree about Daylight Savings, its a joke. It gets dark by 5 pm.

    But dude at least you guys don't have to pay stuff like rent and sales staff and administrative staff. Take it from a small business owner, those things really do add up.

  2. One more thing, I really like your pizza, but you should give discounts to people who buy more slices.

    For example, if one slice of cheese is $2.75, two slices should be $5, and 3 for $7.25. Would you consider something like that?

  3. You probably don't have to pay for a truck payment, expensive auto insurance, pizza makers. Those things definitely add up. I'm not saying you have no overhead I'm saying we both have overhead and I'm saying we don't have no overhead.

    We do offer a deal/discount. $2.75 a slice for cheese or 8 slices for $15 when you buy a whole pie. semi colon parentheses.