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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yelp Reviews Reviewed (Randi)

SliceTruck's review of Randi's review:

This review was written by Randi, who was mad about waiting in line and also mad that after waiting in line she could not get the slice of pizza she wanted without having to wait even longer. She ends up having a fabricated gross out that results in an internet tantrum. Mildly entertaining, I wouldn't pay to see this at the theatre but if you can catch it on TV sometime I'd recommend watching.


  1. sooooo when i got this PM from you guys:
    {Please tell us about your experience with SliceTruck publicly if you care at all.}"

    that was a lie right? Randi wrote an honest review of you guys at OC Foodie Fest, and your pizza probably was cold, nearly all the food trucks were slacking toward the end of the day. and yes, cold pizza is gross pizza. she didnt even give you guys a bad review! 3 stars is "A-OK". and she said some really nice things about her first trip. you should really get over yourself. you've certainly lost a customer in me over this.

  2. reviewing yelp reviews that you receive? that sounds like a horrible idea. Above person is right, 3 stars isn't even bad.

    I wish I could sit in on the conversation where you guys decided "hey you know what would be a good idea? if we reviewed our customer's reviews" and made fun of them!

    good business strategy.

  3. You are stupid. This review isn't even bad. Internet tantrum? Looks like Slice Truck is the only one throwing a tantrum! I just looked at your Yelp page and Randi's review was pretty nice considering some of the other one and two star reviews you have...especially the one saying that Costco pizza is better. Way to go.

  4. These internet comment tantrums always happen when you're over-tired.

  5. Actually, I agree with the above comments. However! I like the idea of reviewing insane not-even-about-the-food yelp reviews. This post would have been better executed with a more unreasonable review, such as -- 1 star for SliceTruck "I put my pet to sleep this morning. I had lunch at Slice Truck after, but I was so miserable. I couldn't even taste the pizza. It was such tasteless pizza."

    Basically... needed more tastefulness & better execution on your behalf Mr. Slice

  6. you got PWNED!! Hahahahaa.

    reviewing yelp reviews that you receive? that sounds like a horrible idea. Above person is right, 3 stars isn't even bad.

    I wish I could sit in on the conversation where you guys decided "hey you know what would be a good idea? if we reviewed our customer's reviews" and made fun of them!

    good business strategy.

    Man, you got rocked.

    I loved this part:

    "you've certainly lost a customer in me over this."

    Talk about entertainment!

  7. Ok, I did it. I looked up what PWNED means. Its a misspelling of the word Owned by a programmer of the game World of Warcraft.

    This has officially gone too far and gotten way out of hand.

  8. Pwned. Epic. Meh. Fail. Internet words used by internet all stars. And Yelp is apparently the hall of fame of internet users.

  9. I can't wait to show everyone I know how big of an asshole you guys are at Slice Truck.

    And belittling people on the INTERNET using internet slang. That's a first!

    "The best of the best over there." is the company that is supposed to cater and serve to people and talking shit to customer's who don't really leave bad reviews.

    Good job, once again!

  10. And you're arguing back with YOUR customers. HAH!

    "Rage more".

  11. I don't think you're our customers. If you are, you should stop.

  12. I'm still surprised you guys even consider 3 stars a bad review.

    But then again, this is nothing new to you guys. For some reason you feel like lampooning customers who are dissatisfied instead of extending out and seeing what you can improve about their experience.

    Talk about piss poor customer service there. I've had bad experiences, well past a 3 star (which is defined by "A-OK" on yelp) and most of those negative reviews would lead to someone at customer service contacting me to try again or better the situation with a half off coupon..

    But hey, if you find building customer loyalty by blasting people who find you moderately okay, then who am I to question your clear business practices.

  13. Janine R (LA Yelper and food truck lover)September 7, 2010 at 7:26 PM

    Why does slice truck have such grumpy pants? I somehow think that Mr. Truck's efforts would be better spent expediting the lines, baking pizzas faster, and making up even tastier recipes, than instigating negativity within virtual food communities.

    Where's the love? I don't see myself walking into the oven of hostility that is Slice Truck. I just don't want a slice of that bitter pie.

  14. Come to Orange County! I been wanting to try you guys for months. I missed you at the Atomic Ballroom. And I wasn't down with waiting in lines to eat at that festival.
    And Yelp is lame.

  15. Wow...

    Some people, like most every one person are just morons. We write reviews about other places that sometimes have nothing to do with food, ambiance, taste, quality, timing or convenience.
    It could be easy for me to make a pizza pie, but I'm not cause i don't have the right shit to make it. fuck dominos and pizza hut with the convenience they offer.
    Many people love getting a good slice from good people and these are great people. if anything slice truck has the right to review and review, i mean we get to review them.

    If that randi had a problem she should have addressed it at the time the pizza was cold. I'm sure they would have been glad to replace it or she could've even told them so they can make the proper adjustments instead she took it to the yelp so people can read her shit and get attention (which she did).

    3 stars to me means ok, in fact it says ok. ok is a C not an A. big difference. I would hope anyone who runs a business isn't saying, "i hope we get a shit load of 3's so we can just be ok!" Hell no, i'd want every review to be 5 anything less means something was off.
    Plus I'm sure anyone who is human... you... me... would, in your mind, review a review to see if the people even like the food. Some people read tons before they even make a choice... I do. In the end just try it.

    I have only respect for them (slice truck) to take something this funny and put it up (it is their website no?). We're all a bunch of morons trying entertain each other because without it we'll be bored, sad, lonely or all three.

    The one thing you should take from what i wrote is: LIGHTEN UP ASSHOLES it's just internet, no one person can tell YOU what you like unless it's YOU. So don't knock it till you try it.

    Slice truck, keep kicking ass and keeping people on their toes, it's only more ammo for the arsenal.

    My personal comment, internet language is retarded, if you really have to resort to that, then get the hell of the net and go learn something new.
    People that don't speak correctly is annoying and shouldn't be allowed. I get annoyed just using an apostrophe for it's instead of it is, let alone using PWNED for owned. Keep it in you world and make sure when you come out of that world you know how to use the english language correctly please.

  16. stop being morons people, every business wants 5 stars all the time.
    randi wanted attention or she could have told them her pizza was cold and maybe got another one.
    internet language is retarded at best. It's annoying to see and write it's instead of it is... to me at least, let alone PWNED for owned.
    Grow up kids or stay in your world... of warcraft.
    we're all a bunch or morons (my self included) trying to not be bored,lonely sad or all three. just enjoy what you eat where you are and leave reviews that make sense to the overall experience.

  17. SliceTruck said...
    I don't think you're our customers. If you are, you should stop.

    Wow. I was actually really interested in trying you guys. Now, after this posting and your comments...not so much. Way to respond to criticism.