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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Present from You

Push play and start reading when the song begins

Thank you for being a fan of SliceTruck. In order for us to more quickly open The SliceTruck School for Kids Who Can't Read Good and Want to Do Other Stuff Good Too, you need to force more people to eat SliceTruck and must remind them to eat SliceTruck pizza everyday just like you do.

Remember, you're doing these people a favor.

Start small by posting a new essay each day about SliceTruck's greatness as your facebook status for 10 days in a row.

While in the process of doing this take the address book on your cellular phone and individually call everyone in it to catch up and discuss SliceTruck for 15-20 minutes. The keyword here is everyone, do not skip people you've had a falling out with or the people who you met one time for 5 minutes and for some reason have their name and number in your phone. These are the most important people to try and have a 15 minute conversation about a pizza truck with, as their surprised state will allow you more control of the conversation and leaves them more accepting to your suggestions.

Once you've completed these steps, I'd like you to take out in ad in the L.A. Times explaining SliceTruck. If you only have $10,000 to spend and can not afford a full page on Sunday that's ok, just buy whatever space you can and know that we appreciate the effort. To help you get started here is a link to the Los Angeles Times Media Kit.

Now I know this one doesn't apply to everyone, but if you're a celebrity it would be a big help if you released a stolen sex tape of yourself where you're wearing a SliceTruck t-shirt throughout. If you're not that big of a celebrity it would help if you went opposite of your preference, i.e., if you're straight be gay in the video and vice versa.

Would be great if you ate a pizza from SliceTruck at some point in this video. Please be casual, don't let it appear to be staged. If you're a celebrity because you're an actor please do your best to express through acting that this is the best pizza in Los Angeles.

Whatever you can do...

1 comment:

  1. too down, taking out my ad with the la times today.
    with a controversial picture/video with kim kardashian.
    we'll both be fighting with the slice truck in back her wearing a ripped tee of the slice truck and me tossing a slice into her mouth. at that point she will terminate all fighting with me and enjoy a great slice of pizza pie.
    in the works.
    stay fresh.
    : )