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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Center of the Universe

I was taking a walk on the Venice pier today and saw this memorial. It's always sad and a bit alarming to see a fresh RIP memorial but I mainly found this one ironic, because earlier in the summer me and a friend were discussing this picture in great detail and I don't make it my business to review surfing photos on any sort of regular basis. This may be the only one I've ever discussed.

I know this type of ironic stuff happens to everyone all the time. i.e, You discover a new vocabulary word and then later that same day you hear someone use it casually in conversation. Anyway, it makes me feel like God is right on my ass and that I'm at the center of the universe.

Take me out of the center of the universe and please post other examples of this.

Here's some more info on Andy's death. Condolences and best wishes to the family.

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