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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cool Haus Character

Let me first say that I've never had an ice cream sandwich from Cool Haus but I'm sure they're good.

Last Saturday night SliceTruck was at a party with Cool Haus, at the end of the night the Cool Haus truck wouldn't start.

Their employee came over and asked us for a jump. We told him we don't have jumper cables and he told us they carry them on the Cool Haus truck cause this happens all the time.

We said sure and opened up the door to the battery on SliceTruck and let him jump the Cool Haus truck. He jumped it and was up and running.

Soon after we parted ways the SliceTruck dashboard lit up; the check engine light went on, the abs light went on, the check transmission light went on, a transcom failure light lit up and the truck would not shift out of first gear. We called and let Cool Haus know about the problem and drove 10 miles back to park the truck in first gear at 20 mph.

So this all happens Saturday night. Sunday we know we have a problem but there's no service people available to help us. Monday comes we check out our truck and call a Freightliner service guy, he tells us to check a few fuses but it doesn't help. We then set an appointment for him to come out Tuesday morning. We're warned that if the computer on the truck is ruined he can't fix it on the spot and we'd have to get it into the shop.

I email and call the owners of Cool Haus with a heads up:

Tuesday morning comes the service guy comes out and hooks it up to his computer, recalibrates the truck, tinkers with this and that for 2 hours and everything is fixed. We ask him if this was definitely a result of the jump and he definitively answers yes. The bill was $250 for his time.

I then emailed Cool Haus the good news:

At this point the owners have not returned any phone calls or email from us regarding this incident. The never do return an email.

We make a few more calls and Wednesday Cool Haus' owner finally responds. Freya calls us back.

Paraphrasing, what she says is this:

"When I heard about this I called my lawyer first and he said we're not liable for anything and suggested I don't pay you a cent, but since I'm a moral person I'm glad to split it with you."

Paraphrasing, I said:

"I think you should pay for the whole thing. If you borrow something from somebody and break it you should pay for it, not split the cost"

Paraphrasing, she says:

"But you never told my employee that you have a special truck with a computer in it. If you have a special truck you have to tell people about that before they use it for a jump."

Paraphrasing, I say:

"A computer in a vehicle is nothing special or uncommon. My 1990 Range Rover has a computer in it"

Paraphrasing, She says:

"We'll we don't have a computer in our truck and we don't have to ground anything when we jump it. Once again I'll pay half even though my lawyer said I don't need to pay you anything."

I told her to hold on to the $125. She can use this to pay her lawyer I guess.

I don't expect you to care about this, I'm just venting, but what are you really looking for when reading a pizza truck's blog? Pizza recipes?


  1. A newer truck (car) has more clever computer to control vehicle AND more sensitive than before. Especialy after 2000~2001. So they should understand this happen anytime.

  2. Phenomenal clip of Westside Story to finish the story off. Ever think of writing scripts?

  3. What a great lawyer she has... We should hire him/her for the association.

  4. Man, some trucks got no respek man.

  5. You've helped so many of us in the past, present and (I know the future) and you've always been great to work with. What you said is true but what CH's attorney said is also true.

    If CH is in it for the short run, they won't settle the bill. That's just legal and business sense. Maybe the are setting themselves up for a buyout and getting out of the industry and could care less. Who knows.

    However, if they are in it for the long run, $250 is a BARGAIN for your help and good will. None of which would EVER be sanctioned by a lawyer. It's simply called helping your fellow out in their time of need.

    If we all listened to our lawyers, there would be tons of stranded trucks on the road. Now that this has been brought to light, I'm afraid that this might become true.

    There's a serious case of "DTRT" (Do the Right Thing™) that needs to be done here. I'm sorry you had to experience this.

  6. No good deed goes unpunished

    There was a man in our town who had King Midas’ touch;
    He gave away his millions to the colleges and such;
    And people cried: “The hypocrite! He ought to understand
    The ones who really need him are the children of this land!”
    When Andrew Croesus built a home for children who were sick,
    The people said they rather thought he did it as a trick,
    And writers said: “He thinks about the drooping girls and boys,
    But what about conditions with the men whom he employs?”

    There was a man in our town who said that he would share
    His profits with his laborers, for that was only fair,
    And people said: “Oh, isn’t he the shrewd and foxy gent?
    It cost him next to nothing for that free adv√©rtisement!”

    There was a man in our town who had the perfect plan
    To do away with poverty and other ills of man,
    But he feared the public jeering, and the folks who would defame him,
    So he never told the plan he had, and I can hardly blame him.

  7. Cool Haus doesn't even taste good.

  8. Coolhaus has a good point and being fair. If you Wanted to move forward you would just accept the 125 and move on. Take it as a lesson learned. And say no to jumps.

  9. I think Anonymous sounds a little suspicious up there... Coolhaus has a TERRIBLE point and is so far from FAIR to be ridiculous.

    For them to not WANT to pay is disgusting, all legality and liability aside. Shameful, really. I'll never eat Coolhous again, not that I particularly cared for their minute-maid-frozen-concentrate-posing-as-orange-sorbet anyhow.

    I wonder if I chomp down on a nail in their ice cream and crack a tooth if they would say it was my fault for not asking if there were nails in it in the first place.

  10. Since Un-coolhous said that they needed jumps frequently... They should have fixed the problem before hand instead of depending on the generosity of other truckers to get them out of a bind. I hope they realize that they are now going to have to shell out some cash to fix the problem cuz I suspect most truckers might think twice before helping out Un-coolhous.

  11. I guess since they are big time now, with that Samsung Galxaxy commercial, they can forget about things like being grateful for some help. And if she were such a moral person, then why did she need to ask her lawyer first anyways?

  12. I knew you both loved West Side Story

  13. These broads are a joke...they are starting to make me sick. My suggestion for them would be to stop retaining lawyers and drop the postal cruiser and look into something more reliable, I've seen better trucks built by Tonka then what they are driving. This always happens to them? Here's to hoping they don't get anymore help, I hate their nonsense...and their sloppy ice cream.

  14. Well I now know I'll be getting some Slice next time we go truck hunting!

    I'm the kid of a mechanic, and have AAA extended coverage. My cars have had computers in them since 1982. Jumper cables are sold WITH instructions on them but as life shows no such thing as idiot proof.

    Business sense people have stated as some sort of reason is justification for skipping responsibility. Phamish has stated it correctly for CH, Do the right thing!

    Sorry that your kindness has bitten your hand but I'm going to spread the word that Slice has HEART & SOUL!

  15. I just got a coolhaus ice cream sandwich yesterday(11-9), but now that I know what lame asses they are, never again and I WILL spread the word. Bye bye coolhaus.

  16. incidentally, i know where they live.

  17. I don't think they awe you a dime. YOU asked for the favor and they gave you what you need. If you asked me for a jump I wouldn't hesitate for the moment.

  18. I know this post is meant to paint a negative picture of the other truck but something about you airing out your personal business matters to your customer base really turns me off to wanting to support you. Even if the other guys were in the wrong.

    My two cents from a branding perspective? Ditch this post immediately.

    Nobody likes a tattletale, Cindy. Especially with their pizza.


  19. coolhause icecream & cookies are made by factory not human hand
    the gods will punish them in the afterlife
    go slicetruck