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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We're Open Open Now

Our hours of operation for 2012 Sawtelle blvd are officially Monday - Saturday 11:30 am - 9:00 pm. We'll be closed on Sundays (probably until football season starts).

We're going to start delivering this week (Still working on this, next week hopefully). The store's number is 310-444-9550. We'll be delivering within about a mile of the location. Also consider calling in for a pickup, as I've always found running out to pick up a pizza to be a nice errand.

We're really encouraged by the response of the neighborhood. We're excited to be your go to place and we're excited to have you tell your friends who live elsewhere how sorry you are for them that they don't have as great of a pizza shop nearby.

Would like to mention also, that if you're picking up a pizza for dinner you really should consider a salad with it. It really tops off a good thing when you've got a good thing going.

I have a rule, and I know a lot of other people do too, that you shouldn't put pictures of your food on your menu or more commonly that you don't want to eat at places that have pictures. But it is ok to put pictures of your food on your restaurant's blog.

One more thing. If you're ever at Slicetruck and have a less than desirable experience for any reason please email us and let us know and we'll try and fix it:  You can also email us to tell us you just lost your mind over how much you enjoyed your pizza too.


  1. Congrats! Looking forward to some more hot garlic pies, they're crazy good!

  2. A buddy of mine brought a grandma pizza over for dinner. Holy hell that was good! My only criticism is the tomato sauce could have a little more depth (tastes like plain crushed tomatoes) like my favorite grandma slices back east. But that's a minor quibble -- this was an EXCELLENT take on a classic. I was especially impressed with the crust.

  3. Bigmouth, that's because there's no sauce on a grandma. Whole tomatoes take the place of sauce. Holy Hell is a response we're looking for, thanks for the compliment.