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Friday, January 24, 2014

New Yorkers in LA....What's with these people?

A Hot Garlic ready for action

New York....we don't care.

I have nothing against New York. I've lived there. I loved it. I do have a problem with people from New York proclaiming that they know pizza and I should be honored that they are eating at my shop. I don't care. You're in Los Angeles so get used to eating in Los Angeles. This is something you will have to deal with. I will not change what I do because of you. And if you just need to tell me about New York pizza please have an actual place to talk about. I will not entertain conversations that are not specific.

New changes in the recipe: Longer pre-ferment on the dough and less yeast. You most likely won't be able to tell the difference.But its slightly chewier a touch more sour. Also a lower oven temperature. 580-600. Down from 630-650. Longer bake lets everything meld together nicely and gives a more consistent crust.

A Little About Deliveries

The "promise" time means nothing. I am not promising anything but a tasty pizza.
Answer your phone. I have instructed drivers to leave after five minutes if you do not answer the door or phone calls. Don't be surprised you ordered a pizza. And don't complain that we are early. You should be happy...what's wrong with you?

The "Delivery Fee" is not a tip. The drivers do not get any of that. This is to subsidize the hourly pay of drivers waiting to take you a pizza. Some of these deliveries take more than 45 minutes round trip at rush hour. Don't like the fee? Pick up your pizza.

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