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Friday, February 7, 2014

You are a good person, I can tell. Well...maybe

Anchovy and Tomato....don't mind if I do you crazy bastard

Oh're being judged.
I make a lot of pizzas. And I judge every person based on their order. I can't help it. I'm a terrible person. If you get ten toppings on your pie it makes me wonder if everything is ok with you. I worry that you might be over thinking the whole process and I just hope and pray that your decision makes you happy. I literally say a prayer for you when your pizza leaves the shop. A sausage pepper and onion pizza gets my respect. I assume you are well established and know what you like. You've ordered enough pizzas to know that keeping it simple and classic is the way to go. Same goes for the pepperoni mushroom fans and especially the cheese pizza people. And I mean the adults that order a cheese pizza. I don't care that a kid likes cheese pizza....of course they do they're a kid. They kind of eat whatever you feed them. So put the basil on the pizza and raise an interesting person.

To really upset me order a half cheese half five or six topper. Boy that gets me. I thought relationships were about compromise. The person that needs all those toppings should really get their own pizza. You should understand that your selfish needs are causing half a pie to be overcooked to satisfy you. Who do you think you are? I hope you're paying for it. If so, you can do whatever you want. The other person should have been on board with your awesome combination.

So this week I am giving you a chance to crazy up your pizza with an extra topping for FREE! Simply type the free topping in the NOTE section when ordering online or mention it when you call in. Example:  Free anchovy. Careful not to charge yourself. Then it won't be free.

Expires February 13th 2014

I want a free slice of pizza!
So you want a free slice of cheese pizza? Here's what you do. Take a picture of your pizza and post it to Instagram and hashtag that sucker with #Slicetruck. You can then add one of your famous hashtags like #fatgirlproblemsdontcarenomnompizzapizza. Just show us that you posted it and follow us and a free cheese slice comes your way. Must be a picture of a whole pizza or partially eaten pizza. Not pictures of slices. Obviously you need to be in the store to show us. Be cool and have fun with it. Like a picture of you eating pizza under water by a coral reef. Perhaps the Great Barrier Reef.
This super awesome social media special ends February 28th 2014

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