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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Drought relief is so cozy

Snuggle up and enjoy the rain

Start browsing Netflix now. You will need some time to sift through the straight to DVD crap and finally settle on a documentary about whales. You thought it was the one about killer whales but this is no Blackfish. This is just a boring story of migrating blue whales.

Crazy documentary suggestion: The Act of Killing.

 Watch that and prepare to have your brain curdle. It is truly unbelievable. Check it out and stop by the shop to discuss the madness. But first order up a pie for you and the one you like to spend rainy nights with. Grab the blanket from the bed and open up that $12 bottle of wine you bought at Trader Joes. Play it safe tonight. Don't stray from your favorite pizza. Rainy days are rare in these parts so have no regrets. Pizza, wine the rain and your couch. Does it get any better? Maybe two free cookies with any 18" or Grandma pizza will do the trick. Possibly more than do the trick. Just type "Cooookies" in the note section when ordering online or mention it when you call in. Only good with the purchase of an 18" or Grandma. And only good tonight. Friday February 28th 2014. You're welcome

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