Pizzas and Cookies Made with 100% Organic Kamut Flour 


Hand Stretched Thin Crust $7.95 (serves 2)
12" Pizza

Pan Pizzas $14.95 (serves 3)
Grandma Style....(no sauce instead crushed Tomato and Garlic)

 Specialty Pizzas

Hot Garlic  Whole milk mozzarella, Extra Parm, Fresh Garlic, Spicy Sauce 
$9.50 (thin)  / $16.50 (pan)

White Whole milk mozzarella, Parm, Ricotta,Garlic 
$10.50 (thin) / $17.50 (pan)

BBQ Chicken  Free range chicken, Homemade Bbq sauce,Smoked mozzarella, Red Onion, Cilantro 
$11.75 (thin) / $18.75 (pan)

Pizza Toppings  

Meats $1.50 (each)
Homemade Sausage (Niman Ranch Pork)
Bacon (Niman Ranch)
Free Range Chicken

Veggies .75 (each)
Red Onion
Green Pepper
Black Olive
Kalamata Olive
Hot Cherry Pepper
Fresh Spinach
Fresh Garlic


Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies....$2

The Daily Trojan and SliceTruck

Have you seen our ads in the Daily Trojan? This one was in the lifestyle section on Thursday January 28th, 2010. The response was insane, it almost incited a riot. If newspapers are dying, nobody told the Daily Trojan. Offer still stands from the ad, email for free pizza. Lilo probably got a slice due to this ad, not necessarily from SliceTruck but she probably got some pizza in response to this SliceTruck ad. She doesn't need free pizza, celebrities get everything for free. I'm not convinced that's not a SliceTruck pizza slice either. More ads coming this week. Stay tuned to the Daily Trojan for our ads. Yes, its going to be a very big week for the Daily Trojan.

Free Slice for this box of cereal

You're a damn fine cereal Frosted mini wheats little bites chocolate cereal, come by the truck anytime for a free slice.

Why are SliceTruck customers so good looking?

One thing I've noticed being on the SliceTruck is that our customers are a really good looking group of people. Why is this? Why is the sky blue, and the grass green? Some things just naturally happen and good looking people really loving the SliceTruck is just natural. Does this mean that ugly people dislike the SliceTruck? What's a dikfer? I don't know but I do know that unattractive people naturally eat elsewhere. Why is this important? Because Brad and Angelina are breaking up and we should all think about that and this simultaneously.

Please note: Brad Pitt nor Angelina Jolie have never eaten at the SliceTruck. What does that mean? I think it means they or one of them have eaten there, but the fact is neither of them have not. Never have they both not eaten SliceTruck pizza, nor do they simply plan to not eat at SliceTruck. It hasn't happened and probably won't happen. It would be unnatural.

Free Slice for USC Students and Faculty

On Friday January 22, 2010 we will be giving out free slices of pizza to USC students and faculty who have emailed us to receive their free slice coupon.

In order to receive your free slice coupon you must email You will then be emailed back your coupon to print out.

This not only give us the opportunity to allow USC to try our pizza but will also give Lane Kiffin another chance to claim his free slice provided he first sends us an email. He'll need his USC id also, I'm not positive it would be simple to distinguish him from some other guy from Tennessee.

SliceTruck will begin delivering pizzas on USC's campus next week. Tonight we will be on Figueroa at 28th street if you'd like to buy a slice or pickup a whole pie. Coupons won't be active until 10am Friday.

And bring a friend...

We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink... ~Epicurus

He who eats alone chokes alone. ~Proverb

...but don't forget, SliceTruck is your friend too but we've been eating pizza all day already so...

How big is a slice (circular sector) of SliceTruck pizza?

We get this question a lot and I find it odd for some reason, but since its asked a lot, I must be odd and this issue needs to be addressed like right now.

Let me explain the size of a slice from SliceTruck (not to be confused with a pizza shop I've never been to called Slice in Santa Monica, this will be a different post at a different time). Here goes;

A SliceTruck pizza is made with a crust that is 18 inches in diameter. Using 3.14 as the value of pi, this gives the pizza a circumference of approximately 56.5 inches.

We cut each pizza pie into 8 slices and we try to do this as evenly as possible but inevitably some slices are larger than others due to slight miscalculations with the pizza cutter. For this explanation we're going to assume all pies are cut into 8 perfectly even slices.

Getting back to the exact size of a slice of our pizza, we can take the circumference and divide it by 8 (56.5 inches / 8 slices). This equals a crust or, arch length of 7.06 inches and a radius of 9 inches. Slices of pizza can be referred to geometrically as a circular sector. Using these figures the area of one slice of SliceTruck pizza is equal to 31.79 inches using 3.14 for pi and the formula for the area of a circular sector: pi * radius squared * (central angle in degrees divided by 360).

Now we will move on to the weight of one slice of SliceTruck pizza (cheese slice). For each pizza pie made on the SliceTruck we use about: 22 ounces of dough, 11 ounces of sauce, 3 ounces of olive oil, 20 ounces of mozzarella cheese, 2 ounces of parmesan cheese, 1/2 ounce of fresh basil. The sum of these ingredients is 56.5 ounces or 3.53 pounds, divide this by 8 (the number of slices in a pie) and you get 7.06 ounces or .44 lbs per slice of SliceTruck pizza.

These are the facts, now its your turn to make some decisions President Obama. Are you satisfied with the size of a slice of SliceTruck pizza? Would you like one or two slices? You are with two of your friends; should you all get slices or chip in and share a whole pie? Is it going to be cheese or pepperoni? Do you want a drink with that? Are you even in the mood for pizza right now? Does this truck sell tacos? Does buying pizza off a truck as the president of the United States make my country look weak? Is this pizza stolen?

-the prez is not eating SliceTruck pizza in this photo

Free Slices today for Lane Kiffin

Dear Lane Kiffin,

The SliceTruck will be at USC later today and would like to invite you by for a couple slices of pizza and a drink on the house. Having served the USC campus the finest pizza in all of Los Angeles for some time now we think it only makes sense for us to stand around the truck and eat some pizza while you hear us out on some of our coaching ideas.

Here's a taste of some of the advice we're prepared to give you today;

Coin a phrase like (but not exactly the same as), "clear eyes full hearts" as you head out to the field. This is a phrase coach Taylor uses on the show Friday Night Lights (a documentary behind the scenes look where they stop being polite and start being real of a big time Texas high school football team the Dillon Panthers). He's a great coach and you could learn a few things from him, he won a championship his first year so he has a ring to back it up.

Here's one more idea to wet your appetite for more of our advice. Let's say that everyone on the team has fouled out except for your last 12 players but one of them keeps refusing to follow your instructions and has been putting up a bunch of 3 point field goals when you asked the he wouldn't: that's the guy whose on the bench in this situation. Now when another player fouls out leaving you with 10 players on the field and the ref says to you, "coach you need another player", to prove you're in charge you should respond, "My team's on the floor!" and finish the game out one man short. This will teach lessons and build character that these kids can keep well into their forty's and fifty's, long after their playing days are over.

Ok, hope to see you later. Give us a call or whatever and we'll give you our location on campus.



Future soccer stars and pizza til Sunday 5pm

We're at a huge soccer tournament right now, come by and check out the action and have a slice or grab a pie. For the kids...

Here's the location:

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Pizza Oven Truck

Just so everyone knows. SliceTruck has pizza ovens on it and we cook the pizzas right on the stone. See?

Abbot Kinney first Friday was a pizza eating windfall for the SliceTruck. Even though it was the second Friday. Owen Wilson was hanging around, first Fridaying it up, not buying any slices. Why? maybe because he just ate or is on a special diet for an upcoming role play or was going to a nice sit down dinner that he was super excited about. But it probably was because we might ask for a picture of him with the truck and make a big deal. The thing is that we wouldn't have and we'd like it to be known that we're the Chateau Marmont of pizza trucks.

Anyway, we've got a big set of days coming up for the truck. Giant kids soccer tournament on Sunday we have to go to. I would hate to play soccer, knowing I had to wait til the end of the game to eat some pizza when the other teams that aren't playing get to eat pizza while you have to play. Soccer makes people starving, for orange wedges and hot pizza just like swimming.

Dealt with the fuzz quite a bit tonight also. Twice is a lot to me. The problem is that there was some confusion and someone thought we were a toy store truck and called the cops because they confused themselves.

To recap, if you're a cop in uniform, slices are free. SliceTruck is a real pizza place with real pizza ovens. Major celebrities can keep a low profile while grabbing a slice and some events, like superbowls, just go hand and hand with SliceTruck.

T-Lofts and then First Friday

The schedule for SliceTruck is as follows:

Today (Thursday): 5700 Wilshire for lunch.

Tomorrow (Friday): T-Lofts at about 11:30 to 2:30 for lunch then over to Abbot Kinney for First Friday

“There's a pizza place near where I live that sells only slices. In the back, you can see a guy tossing a triangle in the air.”
Steven Wright, comedian, actor

Lunch, Snack, Dinner, Chris Johnson

The plan for today is 5700 Wilshire then Amoeba Music then Abbott Kinney. Today we're giving away free plates and napkins when you buy a slice, which is pretty much an amazing deal for everyone.

On a football/track and field note: SliceTruck would like to congratulate Chris Johnson on his 2,000 yard season. When he races Usain Bolt on grass in a 40 my money's going on Chris Johnson. We're holding a free slice for you, Chris Johnson. Come pick it up at your leisure.

Sunset Beach (really great situation)

Its really quite great up here today. This is our exact location. Come have a perfect slice and a perfect sunset. There are some really comfortable rocks to sit on right in front of the truck. Ask Chris to tell you the joke about the kid who wears the welder glasses, you'll love it.

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SliceTruck Pizza Coupons

Send an email to and we'll send you a coupon for a free slice. View the Menu

SliceTruck Pizza Menu

SliceTruck Pizzeria

I've Moved the Menu to this page.

Here's a nice pizza similar to one that you might one day own and then eat.

Not Free Delivery! 310-444-9550
Online Ordering


"It's thin and It's wonderful" "Majestical"

-customer quotes

Opening night was a monster success, hopefully we can figure out a way to make enough pizza in our little truck to satisfy the huge demand for it.

Above is the picture of our first customer. Thank you young lady for setting off the New Year's Eve pizza slice tidal explosion of 2009 in Hollywood, CA.

...a tip for some people in the new year: SliceTruck does not sell tacos.

We'll be downtown tonight court side at the Lakers game. UPDATE: turns out we're not going to the Lakers game but instead will be downtown selling majestical pizza.

And of course, we wish you all a successful new year! Unless you're some sort of psycho and want to successfully accomplish some psychotic feat, this probably goes without saying but felt like someone needed to say it. People need to be more careful about who they're offering their wishes to and I'm trying to start this year off on the right foot by not offering those psychos my best wishes.