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Super Bowl Predictions

Here's what I predict for Super Bowl XLVIII

It's the timeless battle of good versus evil.
The #1 offense (Broncos) face the #1 defense (Seahawks).

-I predict your friends show up late to your party.

-I predict the first five minutes of commentary is all about this Super Bowl being played in cold weather. Possibly a montage will be shown of early Super Bowls.

-I predict I say something about the '85 Bears.

-I predict I say something cliche like "Defense wins Championships" and I mean it.

That being said.

Seahawks 31     Broncos 13

This will be classic Peyton Manning. Wobbly ducks and too many audibles. We will for some reason feel sorry for him during his post game interview. He's such a good guy. My mom really likes him.
We will have to respect Richard Sherman after he returns an interception for a TD. You can still dislike him just respect his play. Let the Predator / Busta Rhymes jokes fly.

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