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1523 South Bundy Drive Los Angeles 90025
Next to 7-11 across from Starbuck's
Ohio and Bundy
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New location is 1523 S. Bundy Drive Los Angeles 90025
Next to the 7-11 on the corner of Bundy and Ohio
Closed Monday
4-10pm Tues-Friday
noon-10pm Sat and Sunday

Who's that girl stealing our tip jar money?

Watch this girl steal the money out of our tip jar tonight (January 14th 2015).

This girl is still in action a week later January 23rd at Delicious Arts Bakery in Westwood.

Anyone know her? Anyone get her license plate? Come on internet, solve the crime.
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Real Pizza

A good pizza is hard to come by. Fact is many places haven't a clue to what they are doing. You can pretty much assume 70% of pizza shops don't actually "make" pizza. Here are some easy ways to spot impostors.

The Oven: This is the easiest way to tell if a place is legit or not. If they use a conveyor oven you know they're only one step above 7-11 pizza. Look for a deck oven. I'm talking classic pizza here. The kind you get delivered and have pizza parties with. We use a Bakers Pride Y-802.

A real beauty
Dough: It's sad but true that a lot of places use frozen dough. Yes it's easy but it's like a burger place using frozen patties. It's just unacceptable if you are going to consider yourself a true Pizzeria. Ask a few questions if you're not sure. Like what type of flour they use or if they use dry yeast or fresh yeast. I'd bet most people couldn't give you an answer because it doesn't say on the box of frozen dough balls.

Dough making area. Not a plant in Vernon
Finally, just look at the pizza. Since you have already eaten a Slicetruck pizza you know what a real pie should look like. A little char on the crust, some browned cheese. Thick cut pepperoni, maybe some fresh crimini mushrooms or real pineapple. Sausage made in house daily using Niman ranch pork. You're a smart person, right? I don't need to tell you why my pizza costs more or why comparing me to one of those other places is absurd. You get it.

Hot Garlic Half Sausage Half Pepperoni
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Small Rant

Girl Scout Cookies are terrible. What the hell happened?

Order an 18" or Grandma pizza and mention Girl Scout in the note section and get two real homemade chocolate chip cookies Free!  Only good 3/14-3/15/2014

Drought relief is so cozy

Snuggle up and enjoy the rain

Start browsing Netflix now. You will need some time to sift through the straight to DVD crap and finally settle on a documentary about whales. You thought it was the one about killer whales but this is no Blackfish. This is just a boring story of migrating blue whales.

Crazy documentary suggestion: The Act of Killing.

 Watch that and prepare to have your brain curdle. It is truly unbelievable. Check it out and stop by the shop to discuss the madness. But first order up a pie for you and the one you like to spend rainy nights with. Grab the blanket from the bed and open up that $12 bottle of wine you bought at Trader Joes. Play it safe tonight. Don't stray from your favorite pizza. Rainy days are rare in these parts so have no regrets. Pizza, wine the rain and your couch. Does it get any better? Maybe two free cookies with any 18" or Grandma pizza will do the trick. Possibly more than do the trick. Just type "Cooookies" in the note section when ordering online or mention it when you call in. Only good with the purchase of an 18" or Grandma. And only good tonight. Friday February 28th 2014. You're welcome

Put your money where your mouth is and prove your love

Do you love me?...... Really? " I love you Babe....here's some chocolate. Let's make love!"

Alright, you are not the most romantic guy. Nor the classiest. You have trouble showing her how much she means to you. This Valentine's day you want to get her something that says, " I love you. Without you I would be a lesser man. You Baby, mean everything to me." Chocolates are nice. But chocolate doesn't let her know that you would kill for her. Like you would actually break that dudes neck if only you were way stronger and more crazy. And flowers are a must. No matter what you do grab at least one flower for her. Too many and it seems like you might be feeling guilty for how you treat her. You probably are a jerk sometimes. But flowers can't convey that deep love you feel inside. That feeling you get when you're walking and you think of her and it makes you want to skip down the street smiling like you just took acid at a Phish concert. Flowers do not tell her that. There is only one way to prove the undying murderous psychedelic love she provokes in you. Slicetruck.

We are making a Heart shaped pizza this Valentine's day to help you show the one you love that you do in fact love them. We are only making one size. To get a heart shaped pie order an 18" pizza and ask us to make it a heart.

ONLY 18" PIZZAS. You can order online and write in the note you want it heart shaped. But remember, YOU MUST ORDER AN 18" PIZZA.

 My SOCAL Hipster love song of the day.
My current favorite song

Valentine's tip for the ladies: Act like you like your charm bracelet. And don't tell your single friends how he bought you a heart shaped Slicetruck pizza. It will only further their depression.

Tip for singles on Valentine's day: Order yourself a pizza and pig out. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT complain about being single on Valentine's day. This isn't a pity party. It's a pizza party!
I want a free slice of pizza!
So you want a free slice of cheese pizza? Here's what you do. Take a picture of your pizza and post it to Instagram and hashtag that sucker with #Slicetruck. You can then add one of your famous hashtags like #fatgirlproblemsdontcarenomnompizzapizza. Just show us that you posted it and follow us and a free cheese slice comes your way. Must be a picture of a whole pizza or partially eaten pizza. Not pictures of slices. Obviously you need to be in the store to show us. Be cool and have fun with it. Like a picture of you eating pizza under water by a coral reef. Perhaps the Great Barrier Reef.
This super awesome social media special ends February 28th 2014

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